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Villard de Lans Ski Resort (©Stéphanie Charles)
1 of 18 Villard de Lans Ski Resort (©Stéphanie Charles)
Villard de Lans Ski Resort (©Stéphanie Charles) - Piou Piou
2 of 18 Villard de Lans Ski Resort (©Stéphanie Charles) - Piou Piou
Villard de Lans Ski Resort (©Stéphanie Charles) - Piou Piou
3 of 18 Villard de Lans Ski Resort (©Stéphanie Charles) - Piou Piou
Villard de Lans Ski Resort (©Stéphanie Charles)
4 of 18 Villard de Lans Ski Resort (©Stéphanie Charles)
Villard de Lans Ski Resort (©Stéphanie Charles)
5 of 18 Villard de Lans Ski Resort (©Stéphanie Charles)
Villard de Lans Ski Resort (©Stéphanie Charles)
6 of 18 Villard de Lans Ski Resort (©Stéphanie Charles)
Villard de Lans Ski Resort (©Stéphanie Charles)
7 of 18 Villard de Lans Ski Resort (©Stéphanie Charles)
Villard de Lans Ski Resort (©Stéphanie Charles)
8 of 18 Villard de Lans Ski Resort (©Stéphanie Charles)
Villard de Lans Ski Resort (©Stéphanie Charles)
9 of 18 Villard de Lans Ski Resort (©Stéphanie Charles)
Villard de Lans Ski Resort (©Stéphanie Charles)
10 of 18 Villard de Lans Ski Resort (©Stéphanie Charles)
Villard de Lans Ski Resort (©Stéphanie Charles)
11 of 18 Villard de Lans Ski Resort (©Stéphanie Charles)
Villard de Lans Ski Resort (©Stéphanie Charles)
12 of 18 Villard de Lans Ski Resort (©Stéphanie Charles)
Villard de Lans Ski Resort (©Stéphanie Charles)
13 of 18 Villard de Lans Ski Resort (©Stéphanie Charles)
Villard de Lans Ski Resort (©Stéphanie Charles)
14 of 18 Villard de Lans Ski Resort (©Stéphanie Charles)
Villard de Lans Ski Resort (©Stéphanie Charles)
15 of 18 Villard de Lans Ski Resort (©Stéphanie Charles)
Villard de Lans Ski Resort (©Stéphanie Charles)
16 of 18 Villard de Lans Ski Resort (©Stéphanie Charles)
Villard de Lans Ski Resort (©Stéphanie Charles)
17 of 18 Villard de Lans Ski Resort (©Stéphanie Charles)
Villard de Lans indoor pool
18 of 18 Villard de Lans indoor pool

Villard de Lans

Thinking of skiing in Villard de Lans? It's a spacious, typically French resort only 35 mins from Grenoble Airport.

Why Villard de Lans Ski Resort in Isere?

  • Short transfer time being only 35 mins from Grenoble Airport
  • Excellent ski park with various luge activities on edge of village
  • 'Famille Plus' resort - good children’s facilities and great for families
  • A decent size Nordic Park - classic, skating and snowshoeing - one of the largest in Europe

Villard de Lans Resort Information

Villard de Lans and Corrençon existed long before the development of tourist resorts. Even today, their tranquil village life goes on, following the seasons, as the two villages have managed to preserve their quality of life: busy local life, local products, new builds respecting tradition and the identity of the region.

Villard de Lans is a lively village - the largest market centre and ski resort of the Vercors massif. It was the 3rd ski resort created in 1906 after Chamonix. At the foot of the Grande Moucherolle, the village has retained its architectural heritage and friendly atmosphere, both of which are a legacy from the early 20th century. Before winter sports took off in 1925, it was fashionable to come here for “healthy air and milk”. Today, the town has a population of over 4000, with pedestrian streets, a market, shops, a wave pool, an indoor ice rink, an exceptional sledging space, a bowling alley, a casino, a museum and other amenities that are busy round the year. 

They are very proud of their ski champions, having trained for over 40 years here. Altitude and terrain have naturally made the two villages the homes of some of the best French winter sports athletes.

5km away from Villard de Lans you have the village of Correncon en Vercors, which stands against the backdrop of the largest Natural Reserve in France. The two villages are lift-linked to form the Espace Villard-Correncon.

Villard de Lans is a Famille Plus resort. On 10 April 2017 and on 4 October 2017, the Tourist Offices of Villard de Lans and Corrençon en Vercors were awarded the national Qualité TourismeTM mark recognising its quality approach, for a period of three years.

The Vercors Park boasts many prestigious AOPs (products with a protected origin) such as the famous Grenoble walnuts (since 1938), Picodon cheese (goats cheese), the Clairette de Die, and the Châtillons en Diois wines plus Fario trout. The favourite: the Blue cheese from Vercors Sassenage, produced here for over 600 years! "La Villarde" is a mixed breed of cattle from Villard-de-Lans that is raised as much for its quality meat as for its milk. This latter is used to produce the AOC cheese "Bleu du Vercors-Sassenage".

Ski resort growth

Villard de Lans was the site of the 1st two-seater detachable chairlift and the 1st six-seater gondola lift in Europe, the first snowplows in France, the merging of the Villard de Lans and Corrençon domains, modelling and sodding of the slopes, "latest generation" mechanical lifts, the creation of two Altitude lakes, a fixed-price hands-free kit available from the Web... this ground-breaking resort is constantly innovating and growing through its major investments. Today the Villard/Corrençon Alpine resort is one of the foremost resorts in France.

Read our focus on Villard de Lans and Corrençon to find out more about these two neighbouring villages and see what's on offer for both skiers and non-skiers at each.


The Villard-Corrençon skiing area is the largest (125km of pistes, 19 lifts) and highest of all the Alpine areas of the Vercors (1050m–2050m). It offers a varied range of pistes for all abilities, ranging from slopes for beginners to the iconic Carole Montillet black piste. Ski in open panoramas that extend as far as the eye can see, in craggy environments or in fir and pine forests. A lot of the skiing is between the trees which makes it ideal in bad weather.

What's nice is that is there is almost an equal number of slopes and KM of slopes between green, blue, red and black slopes which means there literally is something for every ability!

The villages of Villard de Lans and Corrençon are also overlooked by the highest peaks in the mountain range: a paradise for downhill skiing! A skiing area with a 1,000m difference in altitude.

The topography of the Vercors is also ideal for cross-country skiing: on the plateau, the ski slopes follow the natural terrain, alternating forest landscapes with panoramic views. In fact, the ski resort boasts one of the largest downhill and Nordic skiing areas in Europe.

From family ski activities on wide slopes to more challenging skiing on the 1,000m of undulating slopes through snowy valleys and forest trails to the hilly fields and the powdery slopes of the "Grand couloir" with its ungroomed runs plus the legendary "Carole Montillet", there is something for everyone. The landscapes are spectacular and have been developed in keeping with an exceptional natural environment.



There is a beginners area in Villard de Lans at the Luge park of Colline des Bains (bottom of the pistes). In the heart of the village, close to the sledge ways, a skiing piste has been set aside for all young beginners, with ESF lessons. The site has been designed especially for young children aged 3 to 4 (working towards an Ourson). Access from our residence is via a shuttle.

Further up the mountain in Villard de Lans (you will need to take a shuttle from the residence and then a chairlift), you have another beginners area at the top of the Glovettes lift. Here you have a few short greens off a chairlift and a couple of draglifts. The Clots will take you back to the bottom of Glovettes where you can take the lift and start again! Once feeling more confident, there are a variety of short and long blues to test yourself on, off of said beginners area. There is a blue taking you to the bottom of the Glovettes lift as well. You have a couple of longer blues from 1920m and 2029m that are easily accessible. Heading towards Correncon, but still within easy access from Villard de Lans, you have quite a few blue runs, one that links into a very long green run that will take you back to Villard de Lans. You are never far from home!

There is also a beginners area in Villard Cote 2000 (3km away). From Le Balcon de Villard/Cote 2000 for learning to ski, the beginners’ area of Cote 2000 is for newcomers to skiing adults or children in a dedicated space with green and blue pistes. Accessible with the Villard Easy package pass. ESF kindergarten beginners are welcome at the Pré des Preys, which is reserved by ESF, at an altitude of 1500m in a pleasant, safe and sunny setting - 4 ski lifts and 2 carpet lifts. Club Piou-Piou (3-4 years) with a heated chalet for snacks.


Intermediates are well catered for. As well as the above mentioned blue runs, there are a number of red runs that sit in-between Villard de Lans and Correncon. Most are off of the Cretes chairlift.


Experts can lose themselves in the Espace FreeRide just about Cote 2000 in Villard de Lans. As mentioned above, there are a number of reds to have fun on. For the more daring, there are various black runs including on the Correncon side. Choucas (Correncon) goes on the far outer edge of the mountain (as far across as you can go) and the Rhodo (Correncon) is a very lengthy black. Back in Villard de Lans you can find the C.Montillet black run off of the Pres des Preys gondola and the Chamois and E.Allais off of the Cote 2000 gondola. Sat in-between the two resorts, you will find the Lievre Blanc and Ecalier. There is also an Espace FreeRide in Correncon.


The freeriding space is made up of 3 old slopes that have been made safe (l’Epervier, yellow, le Loup), some of which are marked to allow accessible and safe discovery of freeriding. There is a freestyle airbag in nearby Correncon.

The Freestyle area in Villard Cote 2000 is at an elevation of 1520m at Les Près des Prey. 1 freestyle discovery area open to all for a playful approach to the discipline.


Follow “Retour Village”: marked green trail from the piste du Bourgon (blue) or des Clots (green) (opening subject to snow conditions). These come down from the top of the Glovettes and Pre des Preys lifts.


The Haut Vercors Nordic site... Located on the edge of the largest Natural Reserve in France it is a cross-country skiing paradise of 153km - everyone can find their comfort zone depending on their technique and level of expertise. Lovers of the great outdoors can push the limits of the site even further to the virgin spaces of the Hauts Plateaux du Vercors natural reserve for a skiing adventure and nature that is all part of the experience.  The exceptional Espace Nordique du Haut Vercors Alpine and Nordic skiing pistes are accessible on skis or using a free shuttle service. This vast area is often compared to northern Canada because of the beauty of its landscapes. It has Nordic France approval. 

It is accessible from 3 points of entry: Bois Barbu in Villard de Lans, Les Hauts Plateaux in Corrençon and Herbouilly in St Martin.

Site nordique Bois Barbu, Villard de Lans - - Tel: 0033 476 95 03 30

Artificial snow at each entry point means that from the first snowfall, ESF instructors can offer you an opportunity to discover snow or make progress in cross-country skiing and biathlon (an Olympic winter sport combining cross-country skiing and shooting) in the best possible conditions.

Nordic site Haut Vercors/Porte de Corrençon:

Porte de Bois Barbu:
2 x green (5 & 10km)
4 x blue (2.2, 3.8, 5, 7km)
2 x red (5, 12km)
2 x black (1.2, 11.5km)

Porte de Correncon:
1 x green (2km)
1 x blue (7.5km)
3 x red (3, 4, 7km)
1 x black (7km)

Porte d’Herbouilly:
3 x green (1.5, 1.9, 3.3km)
2 x blue (4.5, 7.8km)
2 x red (6.3, 8.8km)
2 x black (9.1, 9.2km)

Dog-sled driving lessons, snowshoe trails, trails and shooting ranges for beginners and Biathlon competitions, the Nordic site is now open for many activities providing you with many new experiences!

Villard de Lans Ski Hire

Pre-book your ski hire with Peak Retreats

To download the ski extras form, see 'Helpful links' further down the page.

Please note, these Pound Sterling prices are for indication only. They will fluctuate based on Euro/£ exchange rate. Please call us for the latest prices.

Villard de Lans Lift Passes

Pre-book your lift passes with Peak Retreats
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Please note, these Pound Sterling prices are for indication only. They will fluctuate based on Euro/£ exchange rate. Please call us for the latest prices.

Other lift passes on offer (to buy locally in resort in Euros):

If you wish to book only half day or a day pass, or perhaps a few days consecutive or non-consecutive (Peak Retreats usually only pre-book 6+ days passes), then these can be bought in resort at the lift pass office, in €'s. This may suit those who only ski a few times during the week or who only want to ski the immediate local area rather than the full area (there are usually various lift passes on offer that cover different parts of the ski area). Each resort usually has a beginner's pass too which covers a small area in which to learn, which may be all you need for a few days as a beginner (some areas are even free). Prices can be found on the tourist office website if you need a guide.

Easy Domaine pass for beginners (Villard-Cote 2000):
Telecabine (gondola): Pre des Preys
Teleskis (drag): Bamby & Refuge 3
Telesiege (chairlift): Refuge & Jardin ESF (lessons)

Sector beginners pass green and blue tracks:
Access: by cable car Pré des Preys or Télésiège Glovettes
"Pre Preys" cable car + Teleski Bamby + Teleski Refuge 3 + Chairlift Refuge + Kindergarten ESF (Course)

Villard de Lans Ski School 

For ski school times and prices, please download the ski extras form from the 'Helpful links' further down the page. Please note these are just guiding prices. Please call us for the latest prices.

Please note that lesson times are subject to change right until the last minute - you will be advised. Outside French school holidays, the ski school reserves the right to cancel group lessons should numbers be insufficient.  For peak periods - Christmas, New Year, February half-term and Easter - we strongly recommend that you book as early as possible and in any case at least 6 weeks prior to the required dates. Morning lessons tend to get booked up first and therefore we may only be able to offer afternoon classes within 6 weeks of departure. In some resorts, English speaking instructors may not always be available, particularly at peak times.

We cannot always guarantee that prices will be cheaper than in the resort. When ski packs prices are calculated, the currency is bought at the exchange rates that apply at the time. You can be assured that once you have booked your extras, if the pound depreciates, you will not be charged more for your ski packs, enabling you to budget for your holiday in advance.

Villard de Lans private lessons (not pre-bookable, book direct):

Individual tuition can only be purchased directly from the ESF ski school. Peak Retreats cannot pre-book these. Private lessons usually start from 2 years old and have no maximum age.

How to book:
You can book online with ESF Villard de Lans or contact them by phone on 0033 476 95 10 94. It is advisable to book before you go and in good time as instructors get very busy, especially in Peak times.

Prices vary from resort to resort but are around €40-80 per 1 hour lesson for 1 or 2 people (the more people you have the cheaper it usually is so you can split the cost). Most resorts offer a choice of 1 hour, 1.5 hours or 2 hour lessons. These may be in the morning or afternoon and are usually at select times. If you only fancy just one private lesson, this is usually fine. Otherwise, you can book a course of private lessons over as many days (consecutive or non-consecutive) as you'd like. However, it is more cost-effective to book group lessons for the week (which we pre-book).

Villard de Lans non-skiing childcare (not pre-bookable, book direct)

Villard de Lans has acquired the Famille Plus label for its childcare facilities. Please view here for more information on the Famille Plus label.

Garderie - Multi Accueil a la Maison des Oursons
Located in the village of Villard de Lans, the Maison des Oursons offers a welcome for our younger tourists (from 3 months to their 4th birthday). A team of professionals will take care of your young children and offer activities for their age. From Monday to Friday, 8.30 am to 5.30 pm except holidays. 

Heath books needed.

How to book:
Please contact them direct for prices and to book. It is advisable to book before you go and in good time as spaces get filled quickly, especially in Peak times.

0033 476 50 96 74

Garderie Lo Petiots
At Le Balcon de Villard/Cote 2000. From the age of 16 months (walking) to 4 years. Outdoor play, craft, baking, songs and stories, music, make-up etc. Possibility to book a short day (11.30 am to 4.30 pm), a morning (9.30 to 11.30 pm) or afternoon (1 to 4.30 pm). 

Heath books needed.

How to book:
Please contact them direct for prices and to book. It is advisable to book before you go and in good time as spaces get filled quickly, especially in Peak times.

Lo Petiots
0033 476 95 10 38

Top winter activities to experience in Villard de Lans

Please note Peak Retreats do not book any activities and most activities are payable.

ASK FOR THE CARTE LOISIRS! This is the perfect family card. A stored-value card that you can use as you wish, with your family or friends, to go to the Luge Park of the Colline des Bains, or the aquatic centre, the ice rink or the fitness and relaxation space. A tiny price for maximum enjoyment: €65. The card is not personal and is valid for a year from its issue.

Snowsport activities:

Snow Park with activities
The Colline des Bains (unique in the Alps), on the edge of the village, was the original venue for skiing at Villard-de-Lans. But now you can practice tobogganing, bobsledding, group 'snake' sledging and snowtubing. With two beginner's slopes for children and five sledging slopes (with conveyor belt lift), it offers varied activities with a well-deserved snack inside or on the south-facing terrace at the Maison de la Colline. While the children are enjoying themselves on the slopes, parents and grandparents can take the panoramic trail from the snow front to the peak of the Colline for a guaranteed 360° view of the village and its mountain landscapes! 

6 pistes and as many types of sledge to try out! For beginners and more experienced, there are six slopes and a range of original and innovative sledges: classic, with the steering wheel, side-by-side twin, face down, sledges attached to each other... Change sledges to try another one (subject to availability)! Two ski lifts in the form of carpets for getting to the top of the slopes without effort. Every Wednesday during school holidays, come and enjoy the illuminated Luge Park in night sessions from 6 to 8pm. A free beginners’ skiing area for tiny skiers is also available there. ESF and its qualified instructors provide skiing lessons for young children during the holidays (children aged 3 to 4, working towards an Ourson).

50km of marked trails give the opportunity for all to discover snowshoeing in total freedom and safety.
Map available at the Nordic centres. Trails from 0.8km to 26.8km taking from 10 mins to 8 hours.

The airboard is a fun inflatable sledge, manageable and usable by all. You can try it at Colline des Bains in Villard-de-Lans. Daily dependant on snow conditions.

Ride on a snow groomer
Several times a week (depending on visibility and weather), from the starting point of the Balcon de Villard pistes, go to the top of the Cote 2000 gondola lift. Two possibilities: either at the end of the day for a mountaintop snack at sunset. Or for an aperitif at the top with fires and braziers, followed by a mountain meal. Booking required.

Nordic walking
Originally from Scandinavia, pole walking offers a gentle workout for breathing and circulation and harmoniously exercises the whole body. Discover it alone or in a group.

Skishoeing is a sport that is part of the Nordic walking family. With their special size, shorter and wider, ski shoes are midway between snowshoes and Nordic touring skis. Tours with a guide for 2 hours.

Sledge dogs
Let these lovely Nordic dogs carry you in comfortable traditional sledges. With your family, partner or friends, an activity that will leave lasting memories. Maiden rides only. Booking required. Kennel tours on Tuesday and Thursday at 6 pm.

Ski touring
The pleasure of touring and off-piste skiing in untamed nature. A mountain guide will take you on an unforgettable but safe outing. Equipment supplied. Four people minimum.

Torchlit descent
During the French school holidays, every Thursday in Villard de Lans and Wednesday in Corrençon, torchlit descent by ESF instructors followed by free mulled wine and a fireworks display.

Freestyle airbag
On the lower pistes of Corrençon, at the Clos de la Balme, try the freestyle airbag, where you jump off a dedicated mound and land on a huge inflatable mattress. Activity open to all, offered during the February holidays (depending on the weather and snow). After nightfall on Wednesdays, before the torchlit descent by instructors. Managed access and minimum skiing ability required, assessed on the day by the organiser. Helmet required.

Other activities:

Igloo night
Whether as a family or with friends, take advantage of your vacation for a new experience: a mountain evening with dinner at the Auberge du Clariant and spend the night in an igloo! Every Saturday and Sunday.

Pony ride
Pony rides for children from 3 years. All year round, daily.

All year round on Wednesdays
In the heart of the village of Villard de Lans, the marketplace is just another place to meet up and chat with the villagers, as well as the perfect opportunity to discover regional products or simply stroll through the village streets.

Vercors farmers' market
On the Place de la Libération in Villard de Lans. Every Friday of the February school holidays.

Vercors is one of the most beautiful karsts in Europe: limestone mountains where water flows very little on the surface as it runs over the rocks and disappears into the earth. Over the millennia, this has resulted in exceptional underwater landscapes. Caves were adapted and brought to light so that this hidden world can be enjoyed by all. Follow your guide for a wondrous and educational voyage back in time. Mostly only open in summer but there are a couple open in winter.

Hot air ballooning
With the wind on your face, savour the magnificent scenery from above. Patrick Poussardin offers hot-air balloon lessons for beginners leaving from Villard/Corrençon to explore Vercors with a bird’s-eye view.
Open all-year-round, daily. Subject to favourable weather. Cancelled in case of bad weather.

In the heart of the Vercros, in the Villard de Lans/Côte 2000 ski area, fulfil your dreams. Take off with Cédric, a state-qualified instructor, get a real bird's eye view of the Vercors plateau and its snow-capped mountains (Cornafion, Grande Moucherolle, the Gerbier ridge, etc.). 

Tandem paragliding flights from the top of the Cote 2000 cable car, landing at the bottom of the Villard slopes (an altitude drop of 600m). Flights possible on skis or on foot. We recommend you dress warmly (ski clothes). Tel: 0033 610 45 12 87

Leisure centre - swimming and ice rink
In the centre of Villard de Lans, the leisure centre includes the aquatic centre and its famous wave pool, the André Ravix ice rink, which plays host to the Ours ice hockey games, as well as the fitness and relaxation centre. All year round, whatever the weather, you will be able to enjoy this unique experience.
Swimming pool
Aquatic centre (Wave swimming pool, paddling pools, outside swimming pool, balloon party, aquaerobics) - no waves after 17 hours.
Ice rink
With its 1800m2 of ice, the ice rink can provide a welcome breath of cool air in summer as well as being an ideal addition to your winter sports activities.
As well as traditional public sessions throughout the year with the possibility of skating lessons, "Ice Party" sessions, loved by teenagers, have been added in the evenings. Light shows, smoke machines, DJ, entertainment and lots of prizes... a real "techno-disco" night guaranteed! Free for children below the age of 5. The use of a helmet is compulsory for children, and is advisable for beginners, as is the use of gloves. Helmet rental at the door.

Le Rex cinema
Newly revamped, Le Rex is a 360 seat cinema with 3D projection, screening international events, live shows...Sessions every day at 3pm, 5:30pm and 8:30pm. Open all year round.

Come to share a friendly moment in family or between friends, in the day and in the evening. Compulsory attendance of an adult for less than 16 years old.

Played all year round on the indoor bowls pitch, depending on availability. Petanque pitch and competitions organised. Open all year round.

Every day throughout the year. The casino includes 50 slot machines, stud poker, blackjack, bar, restaurant. Entry refused to under 18s., proof of identity required. The casino is open until midnight on weekdays and 2 am on weekends. Entry prohibited to minors - ID required.

Frozen waterfall climbing
Climb frozen waterfalls with ice axes and crampons. For climbers of all ages. Courses available.

Horse riding
For beginners and more advanced riders, the Haras du Vercors stables are open throughout the year, in a welcoming new centre with an indoor arena. You could opt for discovery rides, lessons, courses and horseback tours in the snow.

Cycle in the winter! A fat bike is a mountain bike with wide tyres, which is suitable for tracks with or without snow. Guided outings, including at night. A new kind of winter sport. Give it a try!

Speed buggy RC
Discover a model car complex with two indoor circuits. Open every day during the holidays in the late afternoon, by prior appointment in-between seasons. Take up a challenge with your friends or family! Little ones could test the baby track from the age of 3. 

Discover the inner beauty of the Vercors (geology and karst), and become an explorer… A unique and rare adventure open to all above 6. Beginners and the more experienced.

Two indoor tennis courts, five outdoor courts, the possibility to play badminton. Note: variable opening depending on the weather.

Bam Freesports offers a trampoline, a large foam pool and a parkour space. Alone or with your friends, come for a laugh and loads of enjoyment. Jumping is fun!  Ages 8 and above - Booking recommended.

The Spa of the Grand Hôtel de Paris*** in the centre of Villard, in a private property covering three hectares, come experience an unforgettable time where the watchwords are relaxation and well-being. The spa has a pool with massage nozzles and a counter-current swimming machine, a Jacuzzi, a sauna and Turkish baths. Get yourself pampered with the modelage or body treatments using Sothys products, have your eyelashes extended and/or coloured, get depilatory treatment etc. (professional beauty advice, gift voucher). 

The spa at the Hôtel des Clarines*** in the heart of Corrençon, in a contemporary and cosy mountain setting that uses natural materials, this warm and peaceful spa is also open to those who are not guests at the hotel. It offers care treatments and a relaxation area with a sauna, Turkish bath and Jacuzzi. Its professional beauticians are trained in a variety of techniques and can provide modelage, body care and facial treatments. The Cinq Mondes and Deva beauty rituals will suspend time and fill your senses. 

There are 15 permanent orienteering circuits to discover in the villages all year round and were created following the organisation of the World Championships in 1996.

In winter, we recommend that you don snowshoes to go in search of the snowy markers. Go to the Tourist Office where the maps are on sale, equip yourself with a compass and go off the beaten track in search of the markers. There’s nothing to win, only the pleasure of exercising your brain and legs, as a team or as a challenge! Maps available at the Tourist Offices for individual use.

And now for something completely different... 

Scallops festival
30th April 2022 - 1st May 2022 > Erquy, Saint-Quay-Portrieux and Paimpol are all known for their scallops and every year in April, they organise a festival in honour of their queen of the seas. Fishing trips, music, and scallops galore – come and celebrate the end of the scallop-fishing season with the very sailors who fish for them.



Please note: All the above information is for information only. For the most up-to-date information please visit the resort tourist office website. All activities will be in local currency (€ Euros) and are bookable and payable locally in resort.

Villard de Lans Tourist Office
101 place Mure-Ravaud
38250 Villard de Lans
Tel: 0033 476 95 10 38

Eating out, bars & shops

Mountain restaurants

Grand Baraque de Malaterre
In the middle of the forest, an authentic lumberjack cabin, Bernard (lumberjack-farmer) and Lydia (storyteller), share their love and knowledge of the 4 Mountains region. Discover the clothing and food of yesteryear. Access on snowshoes, downhill skis and on foot. No credit cards.
In Villard de Lans

Le Goutarou
In the heart of the Chalimont Forest, accessible only on cross-country skis or snowshoes in winter or by car or foot in summer. 5km from the Bois Barbu Nordic centre. Meals at lunch, evening and late at night. Reservation required. Credit cards not accepted.
In Villard de Lans

Altitude 2000
Located 1720m away and accessible to pedestrians and skiers via the Cote 2000 gondola lift: Self-service restaurant, bar, panoramic view.
In Villard de Lans

Creperie d'Altitude La Falaise
The creperie La Falaise is a snack bar in service only during the opening of the big alpine domain Villard/Corrençon. It is the ideal place for the skiers who wish to eat a snack before returning to tracks.
In Correncon

Auberge du Clariant
A 30-minute walk from the village of Corrençon via the GR 91 in the direction of the Hauts Plateaux du Vercors (the Vercors Highlands). Whether on foot, on snowshoes or cross-country skis, this is an easy excursion providing a “taste” of the picturesque ambience of a true mountain refuge.
In Correncon

Other restaurants and bars

There are over 15 bars and restaurants in Villard de Lans. There is also pub/club called Discotheque Le Country open all year around and the Hiboubox.

Some of the more unusual restaurants include:

Le Globe Traiteur - Cuisine from here and there, eat in or take out
Sushis, ready-made meal (world food, French and regional)
Everything is home-made!

Le Mekong – Asian cuisine

My Little Terroir - is a small restaurant, brunch, an English and Italian grocery store - and much more. Exclusive Sardinia Bioproducts. The restaurant is open nonstop during weekends, school holidays and bank holidays. Fresh products (fresh fish, chopped steak), local products, eggs Bio "The farm egg " or sausages Bio of " Farm Hummingbirds " with homemade fries or mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables, homemade desserts, Carrot cake, cheesecake, Banoffee Pie, Chocolate Pie and dessert of the day ... but also, find Italy in your plate: antipasti, cheeses, Italian meats over a good glass of wine, homemade ravioli (on request).
My LittleTerroir is also a small shop where you can find a product directly from producers Vercors Park, Italy and England to take on a picnic or to offer! 

Otherwise, you’ll find a selection from creperies, pizzerias, snack bars, Gourmet/Gastronomic restaurants, typical French Savoyarde restaurants, bars/cafes that line the bottom of the slopes etc.


Many shops open all year round in Villard de Lans! 60 shops are even open on Sundays!

Various shops to buy regional products, bakery, patisserie, fishmongers, boulangerie, cremerie, fruit/vegetable store, tea/coffee shop, charcuterie, épicerie, sports shops, pharmacy, vets, dentist, physiotherapists, doctors, opticians, osteopaths, tabac, clothing stores. You really are spoilt for choice!

There is a 24/24h petrol station in Villard de Lans.

There are also general supermarkets – Superette Spar, Intermarche, Casino, Superette Proxi.

Vercors Lait Cooperative dairy are producers of Bleu du Vercors Sassenage AOP. This cheese is made according to a tasty recipe that is over six centuries old, which was revived in the 1990s by some ten producers. In addition to the iconic Vercors cheese, you will also find a host of other cheeses from the Dauphiné region: Col vert, Brique du Vercors, Saint-Marcellin, Saint-Félicien etc. Open every day in Villard de Lans

Access & opening dates

By air

Grenoble to Villard de Lans/Corrençon: 58 km - 30 min.
Grenoble-Isère airport to Villard de Lans: 58 km away - - Tel: 0033 476 65 48 48
Regular shuttle between the airport and the Grenoble coach station

Villard de Lans- Corrençon: 5 km

Lyon Airport to Villard de Lans/Corrençon: 110 km - 1h30
Shuttle service between the airport and the Grenoble coach station: - - Tel: 0820 320 368

By Train

Coach connection from Grenoble train/bus station (35km) -
Paris-Grenoble 3 hours on TGV.
Regular line 5100 (Grenoble-Villard-de-Lans)
Nine daily connections from the coach station with additional connections in winter season.

By electric car

Two special recharging points are available in the villages. Tourist office Information.

Free internal shuttle service

Villard de Lans - shuttles run between the centre of the village to the Cote 2000/Les Glovettes Alpine slopes and the Bois Barbu cross-country skiing area. Corrençon en Vercors - several links every day between Corrençon and Villard and internally with the new shuttles, which can take you to the different hamlets within the village.

Villard de Lans opening dates

Villard de Lans opens 17/12/22 - 10/04/23

Accommodation in Villard de Lans

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